Dr. Driving 1.53

This is a driving game that focuses not on racing, but on driving well

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Dr. Driving 1.53
Dr. Driving 1.46

Dr. Driving isn't the most polished driving game on the market, and it certainly can't hold a candle to releases from triple A developers in terms of features and performance, but it's charmingly designed and equipped with surprisingly tight controls. And as mobile games become increasingly and frustratingly more flooded with a pay to win approach to making money, Dr. Driving is a refreshing alternative that you can play from start to finish without having to worry about spending a dime on real world currency.

The first thing you'll likely notice about Dr. Driving is the graphics. The engine powering Dr. Driving certainly isn't at the top shelf of modern trends, but the developers play to the strengths of their available resources as well as one might expect. While many of Dr. Driving's indie competitors try to replicate photo realistic design into their rudimentary engines and get lackluster results for their efforts, Dr. Driving opts instead for a more retro and stylized look. This is a game that would fit comfortably in the Super Nintendo's Super FX era. Both the characters and the cars bring to mind the early days of Pixar movies, and the developers find a balance between the limitations of their engine and the tools available to them to create a cartoon style that really works.

While there's little in the way of a concrete story to speak of in this game, Dr. Driving does break down its objectives into discreet missions. There are a decent number of levels and game play modes available, and the developers work reasonably well within their parameters to create a decent variety of mission types. The streets of the city are often very crowded, and getting from one point to another can feel as much like navigating an obstacle course as it does competing in a more standard race. The loose and breezy controls are fitting to the art style, creating something more arcade style in action while also never feeling too loose or sloppy. The dashboard interface is a great way to translate a traditional driving experience to mobile devices.

Complementing the missions and challenges is a dedicated upgrade system. This isn't the most elaborate tuning system around, but the stripped down upgrade menu allows you to improve each of your unlocked vehicles across six different stats. You can also buy new vehicles from the same screen, and players will need to learn to consider whether they're better off investing in a new car or sinking money into an older vehicle that's already been upgraded significantly beyond its base values. The gold you use to upgrade your cars can be earned in both multiplayer races and single player missions. The former requires linking the game to an existing social media account.


  • A fun driving game that's light on intrusive ads and in game purchases
  • A wide selection of missions, vehicles, and upgrade options


  • Doesn't offer as many features as more professional driving games on the market

Most of the driving games that you'll find for mobile devices today all deal with high speeds, spectacular crashes, and have immortal cars, but Dr. Driving is different in that it takes still to succeed and crashing will actually end your run.

A Look at the Dr. Driving Game for Android

Since Nintendo burst on to the scene over thirty years ago, the world has been in love with driving video games. From games where you're trying to win a race to games where you're trying to outrun the police, the idea of diving on a video game is definitely not original. So, how does a company go about making it original? SUC Inc actually accomplished this by creating a game that does not reward reckless driving and crashing. With Dr. Driving, it's really all about how responsible you can be while driving, avoiding the police and trying to keep your automobile in pristine condition. This is certainly the first game out there to try that, and Android users can now download this unique game for the tablets and smartphones.

At first glance, it may be hard to swallow the idea of a driving game that doesn't deal with racing and incredibly high speeds. However, this sort of game takes exponentially more patience and skill, and so the idea is quickly winning people over. Instead of having to defeat an opponent over a rugged, curvy course, you will have to manage traffic jams and find a good parking spot.

Features of Dr. Driving

One of the first things that really stand out about Dr. Driving is that you get some pretty cool missions. For instance, when you first start the game, you will find that you have to traverse a course from A to B while actually avoiding the police and not getting a ticket. And if you have a collision at any time during your travels, that's actually going to end the game for you. You're tasked with getting off those busy highways, finding alternative routes, and avoiding the police. Park at your destination without damage to complete the challenge. Once you start completing challenges, you're going to unlock more courses, more rewards, and more cool features of the game.

Like most driving games, you're going to find quite a few cars here. Though if you want to unlock a sports car or a better ride, you first have to earn coins in your hoopty by completing the missions. This is where the fun can come in for people who are serious about driving. Instead of cutting everyone off and driving crazy like a Grand Theft Auto game, the idea here is to actually drive in a video game like you would drive on the road: Safely and without incident. The best part of this game might just be the fact that it's free to download and play.

Pros and Cons of Dr. Driving


  • Very cool concept
  • Different levels and cars
  • Multiple levels
  • Simple controls


  • Graphics are fairly rudimentary
  • Game can lag

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